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SpanSet Slacklines – The Ultimate Kits and Accessories 

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NEW FOR 2021

Rookie Funline 15

Pre-assembled all-in-one slackline kit - easy to set up and tension.

  • PRE-ASSEMBLED ALL-IN-ONE KIT: 10m Line and 2 x 2.5m integral anchor slings are preassembled. Take the kit out of the bag, walk the anchor round the tree, clip in, easily tension the line - and you are ready to go! The only slackline available with integral tree anchors at both ends - no complicated instructions or assembly required.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY WEBBING: 50mm, hi-vis premium quality webbing, the strongest on the market, with unique edge reinforcement for durability and to prevent line edges from fraying.
  • TREE FRIENDLY GENUINE SPANSET ROUNDSLING TREE ANCHORS: Made with heavy duty 2.5m ‘SpanSet’ SupraPlus roundsling anchors. Tough enough to cope with sharp concrete edges, yet kind to your favourite tree due to the soft & supple sling outer cover not digging into the bark like flat webbing can.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN ENSURES STABILITY AND COMFORT: Clever design ensures Slackline webbing sits flat and stable for easy step up as the line is not ‘choked’ round the tree which can lead to twisting. A stable, flat line is more fun and easier to use, helping slackliners improve their skills quickly!
  • ROBUST RATCHETS FOR DURABILITY AND SAFETY: Manufactured using original ‘SpanSet’ ratchets. Powder coated for weather protection, a strong frame for durability and ergonomic design so tensioning requires less effort.
  • PATENTED TRIPLE FUNCTION RATCHET: The only ratchet which allows you to finely adjust the tension of the line both up and down without having to let all the tension out and start again.
  • CARRY BAG: Comes complete with carry bag which doubles as a ratchet cover, protecting fingers from getting trapped.
  • LARGER TREE? NO PROBLEM! Easy to add further SpanSet round sling tree anchors to reach around larger trees.
  • SINGLE PERSON USE: Max weight 150kg
  • SAFETY – IT’S WHAT SPANSET DOES! Slackline kit tested to and complies with DIN 79400

Quality features providing you plenty of scope for progression

The only kit with integral “SpanSet” anchor slings at both ends, The only kit with the unique high spec triple function ratchet – Tension up to get the line tight, Tension down to reduce the tension to where you want it and Full release for when you want to go home! Can be upgraded to suit larger trees by adding in slings from our Ultimate accessories range. Anti fray edging on the line for durability and high quality web for strength – the highest on the market.  

From the true originators of tension web lines with over 40 years of experience. From early ratchet straps for cargo control to tension safety lines for workers at height and Slacklines for leisure we understand tensioning systems and materials to provide the best components and lines. 

Roundslings anchors are commonly referred to as SpanSet’s, because they originated with us. Genuine SpanSet roundslings are higher quality and incorporate over 50 years of experience in design and manufacture – why settle for less?


A handy tutorial to help you easily set up your SpanSet Slackline, anywhere

To ensure that setup is not an issue for your new SpanSet Slackline, this video shows you how to correctly install a SpanSet Slackline easily, securely and efficiently. 

Or, scan the code using your device camera to watch on your phone or tablet.